Monday, October 14, 2013

Musing Mondays: The Joy of the Rubber Duck

Despite the raging success of Moribund Mondays, I've decided to drop that activity for the time being and partake in a different, slightly less depressing Monday meme called Musing Mondays. It is hosted by Should Be Reading.

Today I would like to muse about something that is not remotely book-related, and yet something that is incredibly dear to my heart. Perhaps the dearest thing of all. It is: The Giant Rubber Duck!

For those of you who don't know about this sublime masterpiece, it is an enormous floating sculpture created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. It has been traveling the world for awhile now, having made stops in Hong Kong and Sydney among other places. It's currently located at the Point in Pittsburgh, where I happened to be visiting family last weekend. Naturally, I put all other plans on hold until I could see the Duck. When I did, I almost had a stroke. It was simply too much happiness to contain. Here is the duck itself, in all its splendor:

Why did the Duck move me so? Well, I have a long history as a duck lover. It is no coincidence that the mascot of Moy Drook Reads is a duck. I began drawing ducks in the 7th grade, as they seemed to be the only thing I could draw (still are, in fact). My duck sketches look like this (all of them):

But it isn't just my affinity for ducks that made me swell with glee as I approached my Beloved. Forgive me for the lapse into sentimentality, but it was honestly something about seeing thousands of people of all ages coming together to enjoy...a giant floating rubber duck. Everyone had a goofy smile on and people were going crazy "posing" with the duck to take silly photos.

The Duck just offers such a nice refreshing break from all the noise in life. There is nothing political or religious about the Duck, no angst's just this joyful, whimsical, enormous, unexplained floating duck, and I defy you to go see it and find that your day has not been enriched. 


  1. Thought I would stop by your musing which I found interesting. Heres my musing:

  2. Aww sound like a good duck!