Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Kresley Cole, Endless Knight

Holy smokes! I can't believe it, but this sequel might have even been better than the first book (Poison Princess). I cannot possibly review this without spoilers so


Well, this book made me feel something that I have never felt before: genuinely conflicted about a love triangle. I've literally never had anything but the firmest conviction when it comes to love triangles about who I think the fair maiden should pick. Sydney/Vaughn/Will? Obv Vaughn. Rose/Dimitri/Adrian? Adrian is a nice guy, but no. The choice was clearly Dimitri.

And here we have one of the most appealing male characters of all time in Jackson, and so imagine my horror to find myself starting to cheer for Death about halfway through this book! What on earth?? Now that I've finished the book, I still have no idea...I think Jackson still has a slight edge in my estimation, but can't say I'd be devastated at a happy ever after between Death and Evie either. 

What I like most about this book is that all the characters are unique people with distinct voices, who develop over time. They all have flaws, and they all occasionally make terrible decisions, but ultimately, you find yourself rooting for each of them by the end of the day, even that treacherous cow Lark. I hesitate to say this because it is kind of a wild comparison, but I honestly think the last time I fell in love with such a wide cast of characters was with the Harry Potter series. Yep, went there.

Anyways. I wanted to hate Death...he's such a grump and then when you find out the truth about his & Evie's wedding, how he basically forced her into it, that didn't help his case either in my eyes, but at the same time he seems so sensitive and sad that I cannot help but root for him as well. I don't even know what I want to happen in this series!!

I'm sure others have speculated about this, but I have a major suspicion that Jackson is an Arcana. Someone (Death maybe?) mentioned that one of the cards has yet to be "awakened" and it will only happen after they kill one of the other players. LET THE RECORD SHOW that I am predicting Jackson will murder the lovers in the next book and then discover he's the Emperor or some other card we don't know about yet. Anyone agree??

Speaking of, is there ANY word on when the next book will be released? I have scoured Ms. Cole's website and can find not a peep about this. I might have to off myself if it doesn't happen soon, so any info is much appreciated.

5 STARS AGAIN!!!!!! 2 FOR 2!!!