Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mockingjay dunzo

It's 2 am and I've just finished Mockingjay. I had better not review it now because of a) deep fatigue and b) SERIOUS ANGST AND DEPRESSION. I need to think on this a bit. But my initial reaction is not one of extreme enthusiasm! Katniss ....ugghh - who is she really? The book was just so freaking dark! I mean that's to be expected to an extent in a series that involves kids having to murder each other. But good lord. It really did devolve into an utter blood bath and the darkness never lets up.

Anyway...I will write a full review in another day or so when I have had a chance to process this. But let the record show I am feeling very conflicted about the whole situation at present.


  1. Can I join this party? Because I'm with you. Still totally full of angst.