Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blogging 101 (1)

Blogging 101 is hosted by Candace's Book Blog, but I first found it on Aimee's Coffee Table Press. I am brand new to blogging (going on two weeks! woohoooooo) so am very interested to learn how other bloggers go about things.

How many posts do you put up in a day (or do you blog everyday)? And what are your thoughts on it?

I usually don't post more than once per day, with the occasional secondary World Cup-fever-induced outburst. I try to post as regularly as I can...but I can only read & review so many books in a week. I'm trying to strike a delicate balance between quantity (which seems vital in getting people to actually look at your blog) and quality (which might play a role in getting them to return..hmmmm).

Besides full reviews and my soccer outbursts, I have started doing a couple of those days of the week thingies...(memes?): Teaser Tuesdays and now, Blogging 101.

What are some pet peeves when it comes to blogging?

I am new to this and so far I'm loving the blogging world. Surprisingly, I really only have one pet peeve at this point: blogs that are cluttered by zillions of flashy images, with wacky fonts and blinding color schemes. Blogs like this irritate me for two reasons: 1) they take forever to load on my mind-blowingly crappy internet connection; 2) It's hard to focus on the content of the blog when you feel like you're going to have a seizure from all the visual stimuli.

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  1. Hi-I found your blog via the hop-I also like The Giver a lot-you might try her Number the Stars if you have not read it yet-I am happy to be a new follower of your blog

    The Reading Life