Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: Chloe Neill, Firespell

I expected more from Chloe Neill

A huge fan of Chicagoland Vampires, I was thrilled when I heard Chloe Neill had started a new series for young adults. I promptly ordered Firespell on my Kindle and sat down for what I was sure would be a delightful few hours distraction from the agony of waiting for Richelle Mead's Spirit Bound (which was FANTASTIC, by the way).

Several pages in, my thrill promptly died. The plot in this thing was painfully predictable. The characters lacked the pizazz of the Chicagoland Vamps. Where is the steamy chemistry? Where is the spunk? The intrigue? The main character, whose name I cannot even remember, she bored me so much, was entirely one dimensional. I barely cared whether she lived or died. Her punk/goth best friend could have been interesting if she managed to transcend her stereotype, but alas, she did not. As for the male characters, blargh. Booooooring. Mopey blue eyes and a werewolf secret are not enough to create a compelling character. Give me banter, give me depth of character, charisma! - and I will read forever. Neill is on the right track with Ethan of Chicagoland Vampires...and I guess it's possible that the male leads in this new series will eventually develop into interesting people as the series progresses. I'm just not sure I have the motivation to continue reading to find out...

1.5 stars