Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Chloe Neill, Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, #3)

Publisher: NAL Trade
Pub date: July 6, 2010
Reading level: Adult
Page count: 368 pages

This was one of my most eagerly awaited books of 2010 and I am relieved to say it did not disappoint. The book picks up right where the last one left off, and the action is intense throughout. Merit has now completed her transition from human to vampire, but happily still retains plenty of her humanity. I have to say she is definitely one of the better role models I've come across in this genre. She has a great sense of humor, enjoys having fun, and has plenty of human weaknesses...but she's also incredibly strong and has remarkable self control. I would NOT have been able to resist Ethan Sullivan for as long as she does. I'm just saying...for all the girls out there who demean themselves by falling for unworthy guys...look to Merit. She knows what she wants and somehow, despite her intense attraction to Ethan, refuses to give in to him until he demonstrates worthiness.

Personally...Ethan Sullivan had me at hello. Next to Dimitri Belikov, he is definitely one of the sexiest vamps being written about these days. He is attractive for the same reasons as Dimitri...he has rigid self control, is extremely serious about his work...and yet you can tell he also has this intensity about him, and a tenderness which he has worked very hard over the centuries to conceal. The same characteristics that make him so devoted to his job, you can tell, would also make him an incredibly passionate lover. His determined resistance of a partnership with Merit is what makes us want them to get together so badly! I won't give any spoilers here but will simply say that if you thought the chemistry between these two was good before...Neill ups it by about twenty levels in Twice Bitten.

The plot was okay...I actually found myself skimming through some of the complicated explanatory chapters. Shifters vs. other shifters vs. good vamps vs. evil vamps vs. humans, etc., etc., etc. So many names thrown out, so many complex prejudices and motivations between the various parties. That stuff was not as interesting to me...I just wanted to see Ethan and Merit! Secondary characters such as Mallory and Catcher were also, as usual, very fun and interesting to read about. My only question is...when does the next one come out???!

4.5 stars

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