Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blogging 101 (2)

Blogging 101 is hosted by Candace. Great questions this week!

How far in advance do you write up your reviews?  Do you write up the review as soon as you finish the book and then post it the next day?  Or do you post it when it fits in best?  Do you hold off on posting when it's months until the books actual release? 

I usually draft the review and post it within 1-2 days after finishing the book. Occasionally I'll go back weeks or even months later and review it, but I find it easiest to write reviews when the book is still fresh in my mind. That said, I have noticed that with some books, my opinion will change after I've had a few days to think about it. It usually won't change dramatically, but sometimes I will become more passionately against a book, or maybe less passionately for it. When this happens, I'll often edit my review to reflect my changing views. As a fledgling blogger, I don't usually obtain books before their release. If that ever does start to happen, I will probably hold off on posting my review until the release date as a kindness to the publisher.

What do you do when you read a book by an author you normally love or an author you communicate with on a regular basis and you hate the book?  Not just dislike, but actually want to give it a horrible review?

My reviews can be pretty mean sometimes, but I don't really communicate with any authors at this point (although I do stalk a few of their blogs). I think if I hated a book by an author I generally liked, or was in contact with, I would still review it honestly, but probably tone down the snark more than I would with an author I don't know/didn't like previously.

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